Why your android phone might never get the latest android version

Why your android phone might never get the latest android version

Each year, Google updates the Android OS with lots of cool and exciting features and releases it in a new Android version thereby persuading Android users to update their device to the latest version (Except you don’t like the new features).

But Android update is not really a thing most android user can give a five-star rating (depending on your phone manufacturer). While some Android phone manufacturers try to roll out a major OS updates (which takes time), some don’t even bother rather, they tell you to get their latest device.

But why is this so??? Well here are few reasons why it would take longer for your phone to get a major OS update or why it might not even get One.


Code/Design problem

Whenever Google releases a new android version it’s code are made available on the Android Open Source Project(ASOP). And it’s very much available for everyone to download. The code on the ASOP does not necessarily mean its compatible with all android devices out there, a lot still has to be done.

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The engineers/programmers download the raw code from ASOP and spice it up. Just like in PCs(computer) where all PCs model have their different hardware component and drivers, engineers also have to build separate drivers for all phone(android) model and vigorously test them all in-order to assure a smooth user – experience.

Well, the hard work here goes to the engineers/programmers as coding or building drivers is not really an easy thing to do and the vigorous stage of testing it.



Android based phones

if coding is so hard but why then do iPhone still easily get updates”Every iPhone you see today is manufactured by one company (Apple of course) which means that almost all iPhone have similar hardware components thereby making updates a lot easier for them.

Its not the same with android as there are thousands of Android phone manufacturer out there which equally means there are millions of Android phone out there with different hardware components so releasing a single code that can run on all those phones is highly impossible.

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Older phone model

In summary, after Google releases new android version, android phone manufacturers visit the ASOP and download the raw code, after downloading they work(customizing) on the raw code to make it compatible with your device and then informs you to update.

But this whole process takes lots of time and no phone manufacturer would want to spend that much time and resources on an older phone model while they (phone manufacturer) has newer model to concentrate on.

On the second thought, phone manufacturers might actually be waiting for your money because the older your android phone version, the more eager you will be to get a new device with the latest version which also mean the more money in their pocket.



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