Over Heating in smartphone: Why does it get so much

Over Heating in smartphone: Why does it get so much

My smart-phone at times over heat, so do yours and everyone else. This is because heat is a normal and irresistible thing in electronics. But heat been a normal thing in electronics does not mean it’s supposed to get too much, and if it does; it’s a sure cause for alarm.

But hold on a Sec!!!!

Just before you raise alarm and blame your device manufacture, you should at least know what caused it, its effect and few ways to prevent it.

Why do smart-phone overheat/How do smart-phone generate heat

Aright! Let’s not bore off some people here by cutting the long story short.

Motion(Movement) is the primary cause of heat in android. Now you might be wondering how and why??

The battery stores charge used by the phone and as we all know, the phone cannot power up without the battery – So this means that anytime the phone is up and running, electrical charge is leaving the battery and circulating round the phone’s board thereby producing heat because anywhere there is motion, there is heat also.

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So literally the faster the movement the more heat the phone generates and this is why doing heavy processor activities (e.g gaming) produces more heat than when the phone is just lying down- Because when doing heavy processor activities, the processor draws more power at a faster rate.


Effect of Over Heating

Battery suffers most when smartphones overheat. Heat kills battery’s capacity/life cycle better and faster than any other thing. Because battery’s themselves are made up of chemicals, too high or too low temperature is not a favorable condition for battery. Exposing lithium battery to high temperature can cause it to degrade too quickly.

The Chips On the phone’s board are also at risk here because virtually most things on earth have a certain amount of heat it can withstand before turning a new leaf. Just like others, the Chip gain too much heat they degrade in performance.


So what can be done

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As said earlier, heat is normal and irresistible in electronics – which means its ok for your smartphone to generate heat; but its not ok when the heat gets too much. If yours get too much here are few things you can do.

  • Stop all activities on the phone and let it cool down.
  • Avoid excessive use of rubber case because rubber retains any heat generated.
  • Avoid leaving phone in places with high temperature.
  • When charging, avoid doing heavy processor activities.


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