Gita – A personal Cargo robots that can follow you around and run errands

Gita – A personal Cargo robots that can follow you around and run errands


Gita is sophisticated personal cargo robot that follows you around and can also be send to run errands carrying about 40 pounds of load. “Gita” which means “short trip” in Italian was  made by an Italian company named “Piaggo fast forward”. Gita can travel with or without human operator.

When journeying with human operator the user has so wear a special belt, but when traveling without human operator it follows the user assigned map. With just three hours of charge, Gita can journey for eight hours on normal walking speed and it can also travel 22mph.

How Gita works

There are currently two modes of basic operation for this device, in the first mode the user has to wear a special belt which connect to the robot via wifi, The belts are currently rough, bulky prototypes, with a cooling unit clearly visible inside the 3D-printed housing. The belt has cameras built in, which helps the Gita determine where exactly you’re going.
Gita keeps a good distance from you while you are in motion but gets closer when it notice you are no longer in motion.

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The other mode includes Gita’s autonomous mode in-which Gita travel without human operator but depends on maps installed on it. In this mode Gita does not require somebody to wear a belt for it to walk around, but rather it depends on maps from it previous journey or maps assigned by the user.

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