Andela Launches ALC2.0(Android learning community) for kenya and Nigeria

Andela Launches ALC2.0(Android learning community) for kenya and Nigeria

Andela  – which is software development company with the primary goal of connecting companies with Africa’s most talented software developers is pleased to announce the launch of ALC2.0 (Android learning community).

After the success of ALC1.0 which took place between 2016 November  – 2017 June, Andela is excited to continue the journey this year from October 2017 – March 2018.


ALC Which stands for android learning community is annual Android learning program organized by Andela in partnership with Google  and  Udacity with the primary aim of creating more android/software developers in Nigeria and across Africa. The program is meant to empower African youths to help them understand the better use of technology. 

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Bellow is article by Chimdindu Aneke(ALC Project Manager)


“In January 2017, Andela and Google came together to do just that. We launched the Android Learning Community (ALC) in Nigeria to identify and certify Android developers as globally competitive by way of a Udacity course.


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Fueled by Andela’s learning science, Udacity’s online curriculum, and Google’s community science, ALC 1.0 has supported 2,000+ aspiring technologists to date and has resulted in over 1,000 of them becoming Android Developers.

In the past four months, learners in the ALC have built 3,500+ applications, spent more than 30,000 hours learning, and have shared 100+ success stories with over 300,000 online impressions. They were supported by a team of 5 volunteer program assistants who directly worked with 50+ volunteer facilitators and meetup organizers. These volunteers went on to facilitate meetups across 26 locations in Nigeria and mentored the learners who were grouped into teams that promoted collective accountability.”  Follow this link to read the complete article


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